On this blog you will not find snobbish, boring reviews filled with long words and confusing theme suggestions based on minor plot elements. Instead, I hope to spread my love of reading to a wider audience. I hope my reviews will help people to decide to buy a book for the pleasure of reading, of discovering a new story and a new way of thinking, rather than to just appear knowledgable by picking up the first book they find in the classics section and hoping someone will see them reading it.

Look out for new blog posts every 2 weeks – though it is hard to know how long a book will take to finish, for the sake of consistency I’ll try to keep to this deadline!


3 thoughts on “About

    1. I have had a lot of practice! You know, I don’t think I have read any Mark Twain though I’m sure I have a copy of Huckleberry Finn floating around on my bookshelf somewhere. Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc is on my list of to read books as well (which seems to get longer every day). So, it’s settled. One of my next reviews will be a Mark Twain book 🙂

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