Inferno – Dan Brown


Well we have another Dan Brown book, with another story of Professor Langdon, with another attractive female sidekick, solving another symbolic problem. I’m sorry, am I the only one to see the pattern? Yes, I understand the importance of a series using the same characters and elements, but this one is getting extremely repetitive. Not to say I didn’t enjoy elements of the story – it had some moments. But I’m afraid I enjoyed the story more because it made me want to visit Florence again and less because it was a great story. To tell you the truth, it read more like a guide book for Florence (albeit a very good one, I certainly am planning a trip there again very soon because of it) rather than a mystery that I was dying to get to the end of. Perhaps it wasn’t fair reading Inferno directly after I had finished The Cuckoo’s Calling, but there you go.

It is rare that I do not even want to finish a book, but in this case I will have to apologise. I’m in the last quarter of the book and I really have no interest in finishing it. I know Robert Langdon will save the world from a deadly plague. I could have told you that at the beginning of the story. This is definitely one for the masses who like to know the happy ending is just around the corner. Unfortunately, that is not want entices me to read a book (let alone finish one).

My apologies for the short review, but I honestly don’t know what else to say about this book that you can’t get from the blurb on the back cover and having read previous novels of similar quality.

The interesting historical significance of Florence and Dante alone saves this book from giving it my lowest review ever. Actually  no, that doesn’t really save it. For the first time ever, I am giving a book less than a 5/10.

4/10 – Very disappointing. I wouldn’t really bother, unless you want something easy and predictable. On the plus side, some great ideas for you next trip to Florence!



So after one reader of this blog commented to say that I could not review a book without finishing it first, I decided to do just that. Though, for the record, it was an almightily struggle and there’s a reason I was reluctant to. While I was wrong about Professor Langdon managing to stop the plague (yes, thank you random reader for telling me that…that really ruined it when I did finish reading , hence why I didn’t post the comment below for others) I still haven’t really changed my opinion of the story overall. It was still sluggish to read, and even though I knew that Professor Langdon wouldn’t stop the plague I still struggled to finish. I have read many, many books and I can usually get a feel pretty quickly whether they are worth finishing. And this one was just even more depressing knowing a third of the population is now infertile. So while I appreciate your comments (let’s call it constructive criticism, for want of a better description) it isn’t going to change my opinion. I still found this book to be fairly boring. However, since I was wrong about the plague, I’ve decided it’s only fair to review my original rating to 5/10 instead.


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